1-3 Plattekill Ave

1-3 Plattekill Ave (see also 84 Main Street)

In 1774 Angavine Latten built a hotel on this site, according to Cyrus Freer. The Hotel changed hands many times over the years and was most notably owned by the Abrams and Steen families.

In 1871 William Steen made extensive repairs and improvements, carried out by C.V. Swift of Gardiner. In 1873 a two story verandah was added to the east side of the Hotel. By 1883 the local paper reported that the hotel was capable of accommodating 75 boarders.

A “piazza” was added in 1892. An observatory was built atop the hotel in 1894.

W.C. Tamney purchased the hotel April 1st 1914. The establishment’s sign read “The New Paltz Hotel” but it was known locally as the Tamney Hotel. It gained a reputation during prohibition as a notorious place to find liquor and was frequently raided. It closed in 1942 and was torn down in 1945.

In 1976 An Amoco Station owned by A.J. Bouchard was built at 1-3 Plattekill where Starbucks and Ariel Dentistry are currently located. In 1978 Dean & Susan Avery built a book store, Ariel Books in the Art Moderne style. An addition was added in 1991 to expand the book store. After receiving a variance to extend the building’s foot print 5’ out to the sidewalk, a third expansion was undertaken in 1998. An outside court yard and a coffee house were constructed. The coffee house space has since been occupied by the national chain Starbucks. In 2005 Ariel Books closed after 34 years of business. A Mexican restaurant called Blockheads occupied the former bookstore space, but closed after one year in business. Joel Fisher, the present owner, operates his dental practice in the building.

Image Credits: Historic Preservation Commission of the Village of New Paltz; Sojourner Truth Library Postcard Collection
Sources: Haviland-Heidgerd Historical Collection, Elting Memorial Library

Ariel Books
Willam Steen
W. C. Tamney


Tamney Casino

Tamney Casino

Tamney Casino

3 Plattekill (Starbucks)

1 Plattekill Ave

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This property is flagged because of its inclusion in the 2004 Neil Larson and Associates Reconnaissance Level Survey, available here.

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